Introducing the Pilot Impregnated Bit Series

Introducing the Pilot Impregnated Bit Series

Until now, Pilot has been recognized mainly as the premier source of high quality diamond set tools for the exploration industry. Pilot’s attention to detail, craftsmanship and understanding of the industry has now been united with state of the art powder metallurgy practice in the creation of a new range of impregnated bits.

Careful selection and blending of synthetic diamonds provides the foundation for the Pilot impregnated range. Metallic materials matched to the purpose, carefully developed processes and stringent quality controls round out the product.

By considering the drillability of the rock rather than concentrating only on hardness, we have judged the combined effects of abrasiveness, friability and hardness to develop a series of five products to meet the challenge of any formation.

Each member of the Pilot impregnated series has a broad range of application, predictable response and a tolerance of changing conditions which results in higher productivity, fewer bit changes and more core in the box at the end of the shift.

Series 100

Designed for Soft and Abrasive Formations

Rock Formation Examples: Talc, Hard Shales, Limestone, Sandstone, Schist, Dolomite, and Serpentinite.

Series 200

Designed for Soft to Medium Formations

Rock Formation Examples: Schist, Dolomite, Serpentinite, Basalt Diorite, and Dolerite.

Series 300

Designed for Medium to Hard Formations

Rock Formation Examples: Basalt, Diorite, Dolerite, Gabbro, Quartz, Pegmatite, Granite, Gneiss, Quartzite, Andesite.

Series 400

Designed For Hard to Very Hard Formations

Rock Formation Examples: Granite, Gneiss, Quartzite, Andesite, Glassy, Rhyolite, and Porphyry.

Series 500

Designed for Very Hard to Ultra Hard Formations

Rock Formation Examples: Glassy, Quartzite, Rhyolite, Porphyry, Granite, Jasperite, Chert, and Ironstone.

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