Grinding Pins

Grinding Pins

Through years of experience and refinement Pilot is able to offer regrinding tools which allow a button bit to be returned to profitable use as quickly as possible.

As a button develops wear flats the performance of the bit will suffer and as a result, addition feed force will be required to maintain your desired penetration rates. To maintain a “close-to-new” performance face buttons need to be re-profiled when they have developed a wear flat width of 30% of the button diameter. Gauge buttons can also benefit from regrinding as part of the refurbishment process.

Buttons should also be reground if a “snakeskin effect” is noticed, this can rapidly progress to cracks and breakdown of the buttons.

Super King Pins


Pilot has developed specific matrices to give consistent Self-sharpening properties for either air (dry) or water (wet) flushed grinding processes, or a combination of both.
Optional matrices are available on request, contact your representative for more information.


The standard sizes for the crown profiles range from 6MM to 26MM (depending on the waterway style) and are available in several profiles to correspond with the geometry of the button.


Round (Hemispherical)


Parabolic (Semi Ballistic)


Conical (Cone or Spike)


Ballastic (Full Ballistic)

All profiles are the combination type, where the button and surrounding steel body are cut simultaneously to provide the most effective refurbishment of the bit in a single step.


Drive arrangements are standardized to suit most common grinding machines.

Hex Socket
Wing Drive

Wing Drive (shoulder)
c/w “O” ring

Atlas Copco

Atlas Copco
Terroc 55


Sancone “A”

Plain Shaft

Plain Shaft
(regular or straight)


Pilot offers 4 distinct waterway configurations which are available in all shaft configurations and crown profiles.

  • Standard Single
  • Three-Single which is better suited to provide adequate flushing to the larger sizes and effectively addresses the “nipple effect”. This effect, if not corrected, can result in cracking of the bottom due to severe concentrated loads when returned to service.
  • Two-Split, Three Split waterways have left an uncut nib in the centre of the button to eliminate the “nipple effect”.
  • Single and Two-Split waterways crown profile sizes range from 6MM to 13MM.
  • Three-Single, Three-Split waterway crown profile sizes ranges from 14MM to 26MM.
Waterways Single
Waterways Three-Single
Waterways Two-Split
Waterways Three-Split

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