Reaming Shells V2.0

Reaming Shells V2.0

The Industry Benchmark in Reaming Shells is Now Even Better.

With over 50 years of experience, Pilot never stops innovating and improving. We have conducted a comprehensive review of our reaming shell design and composition, making improvements to critical areas that have made Pilot shells the undisputed choice of drilling professionals for many years.

More Diamonds Where it Counts

 The key finding has been to place more diamond where it counts: at the rock engaging surface. Carat weight alone is not the key factor; by maintaining diamond weight while providing more useful contact at the cutting surface, Pilot’s Reaming Shell V2.0 has made a field-proven increase in useable life as well as:

  • Improved diamond retention in the matrix
  • Improved ability to resist broken ground
  • Specialized additives to enhance the cutting, maintenance of gauge, and overall productivity

Precision manufacturing has given Pilot shells their enviable reputation for maintaining both hole gauge and straightness. The Reaming Shell V2.0 boasts improved design and materials to give you the control you need, with even better consistency of results.

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Corresponding inner tube extensions must be used with all extended shells and are available from Pilot.

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