The Silverback Series

The Silverback Series

A Stronger, More Durable Casing Shoe

Introducing The Silverback Series

This robust new casing shoe from Pilot Diamond Tools offers
field-proven benefits, whatever challenge you throw at it:

Improved toughness:

To resist premature segment failure in badly broken ground or gravels. The best materials and manufacturing processes count for nothing if the product is prone to catastrophic failure when the going is unpredictable.

Enhanced resistance to severe abrasion:

Such as in sands or coarse, friable sediments. Pilot’s improved matrix metallurgy matched with previously unavailable diamond treatments, have resulted in a force to be reckoned with in even the most aggressive ground.

Measurable improvements in penetration rate through boulders or into bedrock:

The common industry solutions to resisting broken ground or severe abrasion will usually result in poor penetration in boulders and competent rock. We have the answer to all these situations in one productive package.

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View the size chart so see which Silverback is right for your application.

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